“This cozy, home-style Roswell restaurant has elements of a hippie commune; you can enjoy the kitschy ’60s decor and sprawling garden while waiting for your table. The authentic Southern cooking is worth the occasional delay, particularly the sweet, honey-fried chicken, the buttery, boneless pork chops and the soul-food sides. The pies are some of the best in the Atlanta area.”
– Good Eats – Critics’ guide to Atlanta restaurants
Creative Loafting Atlanta

“Bill Greenwood is a larger-than-life character who greets you with a smile and a baseball glove sized handshake. The food comes in humongous portion sizes which is not always a good thing… but in Greenwood’s case, it’s a good thing. The fried chicken is very good as is the roast chicken… There are lots of good sides to pick from and save room for dessert as Bill’s pies are legendary… Greenwood’s has been around for 20 plus years which is a testament to Bill, his staff and some very consistently good food. BTW Swallow in the Hollow, a very good BBQ place is right across the street… another place to try but probably on a different day as the notches on your belt can’t handle both on the same day.”
– Art
What makes the Top 10 for Southern vegetable plates in Atlanta?
Atlanta Journal Constitution

“When we want the culinary equivalent of old-time religion, we make a beeline up Ga. 400 to chow down at the church of Bill Greenwood. His Greenwood’s on Green Street is always full of congregates worshipping plates of sage-strewn pork chops, Georgia trout with lemon-chive butter and the heavenly broccoli casserole, worth a pilgrimage in its own right. His pies — particularly apple, cherry and chocolate cream — make you wanna shout, “Amen!” And just like Sunday morning services, you need to show up early for dinner if you want a good seat.”
Best Southern: Greenwood’s on Green Street
Creative Loafing Atlanta

“Greenwoods on Green St has been around a long time. Southern style without the Southern traditions of unhealthy preparation. Delicious and abundant. Bill also owns Swallow at the Hollow across the street. Most of [the] produce comes from [Bill’s] own farm in North Georgia . . . Green ST is a little tricky to find but turn off of SR9 at the Old Firehouse and it is on the right in an old house with a Peace Symbol in front.”
– Janet
What makes the Top 10 for Southern vegetable plates in Atlanta?
Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Atlanta has more-than-decent barbecue, but what you really want when you come to this part of the South is soul food: fried chicken, ham hocks, collard greens, and other damn-the-cholesterol fare … In a 1790 log cabin called Greenwood’s, the decorating theme—Day-Glo Grateful Dead posters on dark pine slats—doesn’t deter diners from standing in line for chef-owner Bill Greenwood’s honey-pepper-dipped fried chicken or fresh cherry pie topped with homemade vanilla ice cream.”
– Kelly Alexander
Travel + Leisure Magazine – New Atlanta Food Scene
April 2003

“the best fried chicken i have ever had to this date.”
Comment Archives: Soul Food/Southern
Creative Loafting Atlanta

“Greenwoods on Green Street is the best restaurant in the world… not just the value, or the funky ambiance, or the massive portions, or the tightly focused menu….but the unique originality of every taste you take there. Example. Everyone has had Gazpacho. But not like Bill’s with its jalapena, cilantro, avocado and 8 or so shrimp. What is it? Is it gazpacho, shrimp cocktail or salsa? It’s all 3. Most everyone has had fried green tomatoes, but not organic ones coated thickly with Japanese bread crumbs and layered in a fabulous marinara sauce. Everyone has had grilled fish, but not in chive butter sauce with a secret pop to it. Everyone has had fried chicken but not gourmet chicken soaked in buttermilk, fried perfectly then dredged in hot pepper sauce and organic honey for a unique sweet and sour pop. It is bar none the best food by any measure in the world… And I’ve been to 24 countries in the last 10 years and most major US cities and eat out continuously. There, that’s that!”
– MariettaMike


“Greenwood’s on Green Street is a Roswell institution known for its G-normous portions, spectacular pies and a whimsical garden that’s so lush the place could be mistaken for a gardening store. (Check out the rusty old International pickup with a flatbed carpeted in sedum and the peace sign and Elvis busts out front.) As for the veggies, the collards are tangy, the creamed corn is sweet, the broccoli casserole with canned fried onion rings a throwback to the “Mad Men” era. While certain things like black-eyed peas and mashed potatoes are standard, the server said the kitchen would be taking advantage of seasonal produce like string beans and squash. (Three veggies are $7.75, four for $8.75.) And about those pies: There’s everything from coconut cream to butterscotch. The blackberry, filled with berries and topped with a sugary crust, is a real pie (not a cobbler) — a total flashback to the childhood ritual of berry-picking. ”
– Wendell Brock
Atlanta Journal Constitution

“Homey and unpretentious, this much-loved restaurant has been a favorite since it opened in the ’80s. Its specialty is Southern cuisine served in unbelievably generous portions, along with huge, lovely pies and scrumptious cornbread. Fried chicken, pork chops, shrimp and grits, and fried catfish are beautifully complemented by sweet potatoes, green beans and broccoli casserole. If you can hold dessert, coconut cream, apple, cherry, lemon meringue and chocolate pies are all excellent. Since reservations aren’t accepted, waits are common. Cash only.”

“The chicken at Greenwood’s in Roswell, on the other hand, seems rebellious. Bill Greenwood deep-fries his birds in a thick batter redolent with coarse black pepper and sweetened with honey. True to form at his restaurant, you get four whopping pieces of white and dark meat on your plate, along with two sides. (The best sides for fried chicken merits another meditation and investigation all its own, but I’d go with the broccoli casserole and rice and gravy here.) This is the kind of crust you just peel off with your hands and pop in your mouth. And it tastes great cold for breakfast the next morning.”
– Bill Addison
Rounding up Atlanta’s crispiest and juiciest fried chicken
Creative Loafing Atlanta

“Enjoy traditional American cooking in a casual, eclectic old home with dishes on the menu including fresh fish, duck, chicken, pork chops, meatloaf, vegetables, and great desserts.”